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Creamy, sweet, and toasty. A delicious fragrance and a classic.

Choose your size and scent above. If you are selecting delivery, please leave your labeled containers outside your door for refill. 


Purified Water
Coconut Oil
High Oleic Sunflower Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Emulsifying Wax 93725SC
Glyceryl Monostearate
Organic Shea Butter
Stearic Acid
Cetyl Alcohol
Optiphen Plus

How to Use

Use as much or as little for safe, clean moisture.


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The Soap Guy La Porte, Indiana

This is the story of a family soap business.

Soap and candle making was just a hobby for our family for the first five years beginning in 2002. We started with soy candles as they were all the rage in the early 2000's. Then we would make soap, mostly in the Fall and around Christmas time. Soon the soap was outselling the candles by a wide margin. Also many other crafters were getting into the candle making business so we decided to concentrate on soap. Our first soap recipe is the basis for the one we still use today. We have tinkered with it a little bit but the basic recipe remains the same.

The response to our initial batches of soap was so strong we couldn't believe it. The testimonials started to pour in and we have never looked back from that lucky start. We continued to focus on procuring only the richest natural ingredients from reputable suppliers. Each batch is handmade even today as our business has grown. All of soap is made in Northwest Indiana and distributed nationwide. We enjoy a very loyal customer base whose word of mouth endorsements have been the cornerstone of our growth over the years. Our second focus has been to provide first class products at price point that the average consumer can afford.

This is where most of our focus has been over the last several years. We honestly believe that no other soap maker can provide you with this quality product at these amazing prices.

Thank you all for the support. We greatly appreciate it.

End of Life

Leaves no trace!