How It Works

We're kicking wasteful packaging and containers to the curb (or the landfill - we don't like litterbugs). 

For Online Orders: 

Step 1: Order any product from our refillables line. Once it arrives, remove the lid and replace it with the provided pump.

Step 2: When you're running low, order a refill bottle. Be sure to select that you already have a pump. Pumps are made from plastic, so we want to reuse them as many times as possible.  

Step 3: When your current bottle is empty, rinse it out and send it back to us in the compostable mailer with the prepaid return label we provide. (Due to supply chain disruptions, we may have to ship glass bottles to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept glass bottles back at this time and encourage you to up-cycle or recycle them.) If you have aluminum bottles to return, please send us a message and we are happy to provide you with a prepaid return label. 

Step 4: Do a happy dance because you're helping keep single-use plastic out of our oceans!   


For Personal Refill Experience: 

Step 1: Schedule your refill event here based on the number of planned attendees.

Step 2: Prepare your up-cycled containers for the event by cleaning them, drying them, and thinking about what you might like to have inside each one. 

Step 3:  Refill day! Walk outside at your designated refill time and, like magic, our mobile refillery will be set up and ready for you to shop and smell to your hearts desire!

Step 4: Once you've made your final selections, weigh, fill, and pay! 


For no-contact doorstep refill: 

Step 1: Fill your online cart and be sure to select "Doorstep Refill" on each product page, so we do not charge you for a container. 

Step 2: Select "Local Delivery" as the shipping method on the checkout page.

Step 3: Once we confirm your order, we will send you a link to schedule your doorstep delivery. 

Step 4: On your designated doorstep delivery day, please leave your clean, empty, and labeled containers on your front porch. Our refill fairy will come by and refill them for you like magic!